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New Certification Program for Hemp Oil Benefits Manufacturers, Healthcare Practitioners, and Consumers, Part 1

Cannabinoid-rich hemp oil has emerged as a promising botanical therapeutic with both clinical experience and published studies to support its ...
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Common Ocular Conditions in Clinical Practice

by Chris D. Meletis, ND, and Kimberly Wilkes The eyes are often called the “window into one’s soul,” and with ...
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Supporting Healthy Estrogen Metabolism During Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

by Chris D. Meletis, ND, and Kimberly Wilkes As we grow older, an important component of any health-related regimen is ...
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Beyond Cholesterol

by Chris D. Meletis, ND and Kimberly Wilkes In pursuit of disease management, the status quo of the westernized medical ...
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MitoQ®: A Highly Bioavailable, Mitochondria-Targeted Form of Coenzyme Q10

by Chris D. Meletis, ND, Susanne Bennett, DC, and Kimberly Wilkes Tiny organelles known as mito­chondria are the body’s equivalent ...
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The Vagus Nerve’s Role in Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Obesity, and Other Common Diseases

by Chris D. Meletis, ND, and Kimberly Wilkes Many common diseases and disorders that plague us today have their roots ...
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Mitochondria: Overlooking These Small Organelles Can Have Huge Clinical Consequences in Treating Virtually Every Disease

by Chris D. Meletis, ND, and Kimberly Wilkes The mitochondria are tiny organelles that are often overlooked in the treatment ...
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