Cognitive Enhancement

The Fourth Component to Healthy Aging

Chris D. Meletis, ND (with permission from, access pin: 587556)

In the January newsletter article, Five Critical Components to Healthy Aging, I touched upon the five most important ways individuals can stay healthy throughout their lives. In February, I began a five-part series to address each of these components in more detail and have already addressed the first three components, cardiovascular, bone and joint and blood sugar health. This month, I will discuss cognition.

Unlike conventional physicians, who often specialize in one area of the body, holistic health involves realizing the body as a whole is connected. This same concept applies to cognitive health. Many of the factors I discussed in past installments of this 5 Components series—such as homocysteine levels, blood sugar control, adequate sleep and stress—also play an important role in retaining optimal memory as we age. Therefore, in this article, I will touch upon each of these factors and their relationship to memory as well as outline an appropriate supplement regimen to enhance cognition.

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