Could Erectile Dysfunction Save Your Life

Many men feel as though they have really taken a turn for the worse when they begin to have problems in the bedroom, but a review published in Aging Male in December found that these men may actually be the lucky ones! That’s right, lucky. What’s lucky about erectile dysfunction? Well it’s the primary symptom that prompts many men to visit their doctors where they often find a myriad of other problems! ED can be a symptom of a number of more serious health problems including diabetes, high cholesterol, arthrosclerosis, high blood pressure, low testosterone and more.

There is a close association between metabolic syndrome (a pre-diabetic condition), erectile dysfunction, obesity and low testosterone levels that is only recently being discovered. Erectile dysfunction is a very serious problem that affects millions of men and is a million dollar industry. Viagra sales alone amount to roughly 800 million dollars each year! But as serious as ED may be, it certainly takes a back seat to more serious health threats such as heart disease and diabetes; diseases that many men don’t discover until it is already too late! So if you are one of the millions of men who just aren’t getting the rise that they used to, thank your lucky stars and get yourself in for a check up. You may extend more than your stamina, you’re likely to lengthen your life!
Corona G, Forti G, Maggi M. Why can patients with erectile dysfunction be considered lucky? The association with testosterone deficiency and metabolic syndrome. Aging Male. 2008 Dec;11(4):193-9.