Detoxification From the Four Main Burdens of Life

Detoxification From the Four Main Burdens of Life

Chris D. Meletis, ND (with permission from, access pin: 587556)

Before people can achieve true wellness, they must liberate themselves from certain burdens that can affect overall health. In order to build a strong foundation, it’s crucial to make certain that the gut is healthy, that the liver is functioning properly, that environmental and food sensitivities are under control, and that we’ve taken steps to reduce the effects of stress. Our bodies are comprised of interconnected systems, and if we haven’t addressed each of these areas of health, then other aspects of health may suffer as well. Furthermore, full-body wellness is also dependent upon an effective detoxification program.

This article will address why it’s important to tend to each of the above areas of health and how taking care of these areas can help achieve a greater degree of success in achieving other health goals.

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