Optimized Curcumin Brain Health Breakthrough

Optimized Curcumin Brain Health Breakthrough

Chris D. Meletis, ND (with permission from cpmedical.net, access pin: 587556)

The three-pound human brain is comprised of 100 billion neurons with branches that connect to more than 100 trillion connections in the brain. This mind-boggling “neuron forest” is the very foundation of connectivity to our inside and outside world. When things begin to go wrong with this network, the system starts to run slower, access to memory files become sluggish and eventually begin to fail. Just like with the office or home computer, routine maintenance prevents fragmentation of one’s hard drive, decreased CPU speed and protection against corruption of vital files.

Let’s begin our discussion of the pursuit of brain preservation with a simple foundational definition. Age-related memory loss includes a decrease in cognitive function that impacts intellectual abilities, which can interfere with daily life. Age-related memory loss has many different causes and manifestations. The focus of this article will be to understand cognitive decline from a broad perspective as well as discuss current research findings and ultimately present a new form of a well-known botanical that can significantly support cognitive health with age.

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