Questions about EpiCor

Frequently Asked Questions About A Novel Immune Modulator

Chris D. Meletis, ND (with permission from, access pin: 587556)

EpiCor™ is a revolutionary new product that has been researched for its effects on the immune system. The response has been tremendous. However, there have also been many questions that have arisen. I have studied the research that exists on EpiCor and would now like to address the most frequently asked questions about this intriguing new product.

Q. Is EpiCor™ an immune stimulant?

A. It is most accurate to describe EpiCor as an immune modulator. It has an unique ability to help regulate the human body’s natural immune defenses. This effect is nicely illustrated by its ability to increase CD4 (helper) and decrease CD8 (suppressor) cells. This leads to an up regulation of natural defenses as the direct consequence of the CD4 cells increasing immunological responsiveness. Likewise, the effect of EpiCor on Natural Killer (NK) cells is intriguing. Rather than increasing the number of NK cells, EpiCor strategically enhances NK activity. The net result of both enhanced NK cell activity and an improved CD4/CD8 ratio is the creation of an augmented immune competency.

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