Natural Therapies to Preserve and Enhance Cognition and Memory*

Chris D. Meletis, N.D., and  Ben Bramwell

For many patients, one of the most disturbing prospects of aging is the possibility of a decreasing ability to recall desired memories and comprehend new information and stimuli. This is understandably a very real concern considering that as much as 7 percent of the population more than 65 years old has overt Alzheimer’s disease and that prevalence of the disease doubles every five years of age thereafter. 1 It is safe to estimate that less-severe mental deterioration is substantially more prevalent. This article explores some of the simplest interventions such as modest dietary changes and botanical and supplemental interventions. Essential to maintaining cognitive ability is adhering to a long-term health maintenance plan that can be sustained over the course of a lifetime; thus, a simple and high-compliance preventive approach is of paramount importance.

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