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  • Medical News Today: What home remedies can treat my burn? October 20, 2017
    Many home remedies are suggested for treating burns, but which ones work? We look at which home remedies can help and which ones should be avoided. (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)MedWorm Message: Have you tried our new medical search engine? More powerful than before. Log on with your social media account. 100% free.
  • Weight Loss in Italy? October 19, 2017
    One of the women I work with wanted to know about the new diet drug called Belviq. The FDA is always approving a new “miracle” weight-loss pill, only to recall it a few years later. To date, at least 34 diet drugs have been taken off the market. Diet pills cause all kinds of problems […]
  • Zoo cure heals humans October 19, 2017
    One of the highlights of my trip to Tanzania in 2012 was visiting the Ngorongoro Crater and Conservation Area. They have the largest lions on the planet. I got very close as part of my invitation by the director of park services. Along with elephants, lions, gazelles and zebras, I got to see wildebeest, the […]
  • BMI: Tom Brady is obese? October 19, 2017
    Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement of your body fat percentage. And based on the results, you are labeled normal, overweight or obese.   But BMI can give you some crazy results. Using this measurement, I’m considered obese. And so is NFL superstar Tom Brady. You see, BMI only compares your height against […]
  • Cholesterol Vaccine? October 19, 2017
    I saw this headline not long ago and it made my jaw drop. “Daily statin use to lower cholesterol may soon be a thing of the past.” I thought maybe — finally — the war on cholesterol was coming to an end. It wasn’t. Instead, it turns out Big Pharma is doubling down on cholesterol […]
  • Anti Alzheimer ’ s diet October 19, 2017
    Despite what the mainstream media is telling you, sugar is not your enemy. Your body evolved to eat sweet foods. In fact, it’s how our ancestors knew a food growing in the wild was safe to eat and healthy. But your body did not evolve to eat starchy, high carbohydrate sugars from bread, pasta, cereal […]
  • Fake high blood pressure news October 19, 2017
    Mainstream doctors are quick to prescribe drugs to bring high blood pressure down.  They may put you on one, two or even three of Big Pharma’s drugs. They include diuretics, beta-blockers, and calcium channel blockers.   These drugs have serious side effects. I’m talking about things like edema, dizziness, nose bleeds, rash and hearing loss. They […]
  • Your Natural Sleep Trigger October 19, 2017
    Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Or staying asleep? You’re not alone. Sleeping a solid 7 to 9 hours every night should be the most natural thing in the world. But insomnia has become an epidemic. And modern medicine does very little to help you restore natural rest. Big Pharma’s answer is to knock […]
  • Prostate problem? Take 2 nuts October 19, 2017
    By age 60, you have a 50/50 chance of having a clinically enlarged prostate. And it only gets worse every year. When your prostate isn’t functioning properly, it’s hard to enjoy life. Traditional doctors give you two choices. Go under the knife or you take Big Pharma’s drugs. Either way, you have a good chance […]
  • NCCIH Introduces Know the Science Initiative October 19, 2017
    Science literacy efforts include interactive modules, videos to equip consumers for informed  decision-making​​​​​​​NCCIH launches “Know the Science”, an initiative designed to clarify and explain scientific topics related to health research. (Source: NCCAM Featured Content)

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